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Mare Care here at AJ Pintabians you will have the choice of the fallowing options:
  16 X 16 stall with daily feeding of hay and exercise (on a hot walker for 10 -20 minuets a day)    $7.00 per day

Kept in a large field with other horse to run as they please (getting their own natural exercise).  Mare
will be placed in a stall during time of breeding until mare is finished and no longer in heat.
In which time they will be hand fed flakes of hay and placed on a daily walker until heat cycle is over. 
( there is no extra charge for mare at this time if you choose the field as your stabling preference)   $4.00 per day

Note: Mares will be bred on the 4th-5th day of heat cycle for as long as they will permit the stallion to mount them.
If you have any question please contact for more information!

Alan & Jennifer Hicks


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