Hi Jennifer and Alan,


Firstly, many thanks to you both for allowing us to buy Jester, I never thought you would part with him, I knew he was the one for us as soon as I saw him on your web site and was thrilled when you agreed to sell him.  I know it is a long process selling abroad but eventually we got there didn't we?  Thanks again for all your help in getting him vetted and to quarantine and the fabulous video clips which surely sold him to us.
Since arriving here in the UK Jester has just blossomed, he's gained loads of weight now and really seems to enjoy our company, every morning he greets me from his stable, he revs up slowly like a lorry engine starting and then does a big neigh, probably saying "get my breakfast now" but i like to think he's saying "Good morning".
He seems to connect with everyone, you've bought him up with lots of manners and he does respect everyone even our 12 year old daughter Lisa.  She like to take him into our all weather arena and loose school him, she runs around and he follows, she had him going over some small jumps last week.  She is hoping to ride him one day too, I think he has the right temperament for that job too.  He will be breeding to his first pintabian mares for us next year and we are all really excited about the foals he will produce.
Thank you again and we will keep in touch.


Jackie and Family