Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.  I did want to tell you that we worked cattle yesterday and other than being excited about it, galley did great. It was a good experience for Justin and galley. They always seem to synchronize whenever they are together. Galley trusts Justin and connects with him. It is really hard for people to understand that galley is only a 3 year old. He really uses his head. Justin loves galley and always talks about when we came to get him in the rain, dark, and mosquitoes all around. Even though all of that was going on from the start Justin looked into his big brown eyes and turned to lead his new horse to the trailer, Galley reached down and smelled Justin's hair and gave a big smile. To this day he still gives a smile from time to time. Together they have grown a lot over the summer and have many more years to grow together. Justin is so excited about galley getting taller and taller. He also took his wormer like a champ. (the best out of them all). Justin and galley are perfect for each other and he will be a part of our family forever. He will never be sold, he is Justin's best friend I think. Next year they are going to join 4-H. After working the cattle yesterday we went for a ride to my sisters house about 3 miles away and we unsaddled. Justin laid down in the grass with galley. He would come over and smell Justin from time to time. I think he thought he was sleeping. Every one asks where we bought galley and how old he is cant believe it. They think we are nuts for going that far and Justin turns and tells them galley was worth it, they all agree. Every time we ride I wait for Galley to show everyone how young he is, and everyone says "oh wait until he is 4 that is when they get stupid". But I think they don't have the connection that this little boy and this big brown eyed horse have. It is hard to come by and they have found it within each other. I think that Justin thinks Galley is the best thing since video games!! I really don't know what to say for the quote. Everyone who has the opportunity to get a horse from you will understand that they are very well bred, put together and well mannered horses. I am just glad that we got to be one of them.