-About Us-

AJ Pintabians and Arabians is a small farm located in upper Minnesota in a town called Karlstad with a population of 359. We own an eighty acre parcel, covered with lush grass, lots of trees and a pond to top it off and 24 Pintabian horses.

We have three outstanding elegant Pintabian Stallions including: Imperious Light our 5 year old black and white Futurity Stallion. Imperious Light's foals are true contenders for endurance trail riding and come into this world nice a big.   True Integrity was in the top ten of the Pintabian Futurity class of 2007. He is also listed as a Pintabian Futurity stallion. True Integrity has an outstanding elegant head, with a high crested neck and smooth floating trot.  MMA Baska Sabyi, a calm collect stallion that is just unbelievable!

Our mares include five purebred Arabian Outcross Pintabians, four Breeding Stock Pintabians, and two tobiano Pintabians. We are also raising four yearlings from last year's crop of foals. All of these yearlings have been started on a slow training process with resistance free training, using Round Pen Reasoning. A fifteen minute exercise learning how to give space and how to lead without a halter.

Lets not forget this years foals... three of them coming from Royal Court Jester, (a stallion who we sold to Terackie Stud located in the United Kingdom), AJ Crecent Knight, a bay tobiano, AJ Solid Jester, a bay solid with four stockings and a wide blaze, and AJ Royal Winds, a sharp solid chestnut. These three colts are outstanding and they all have Royal Court Jester's elegant neck, wonderful conformation and soft floating trot.

We have two wonderful fillies, both with strong Bey Shah blood lines who were also born at AJ Pintabians & Arabians. The first filly, Elegant Little Jewel, has her great grandfathers (Ali Jamaal's) wonderful conformation, head and sweet disposition. Our other filly was born with a flashy spotted coat along with an elegant dished nose and wide set eyes, her name is AJ Elegant Sunrise, she is a bay Tobaino, by Finzak Fizzler from the Holte Pintabian farm.


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Alan & Jennifer Hicks